This is Luis from Pembroke Pines who has shown what a teen can do with hard work and perseverance! In 14 months of hard work, he added 17 lbs of muscle without an once of fat – he is just as as shredded now as he was then. Luis transformation brings up two important points. First you do NOT have to get fat to gain muscle! And secondly, as with several other teen success stories, please note that this rapid weight gain is part natural growth spurt and partly from sweat and hard workouts. If you are 40years old, don’t be expecting to gain 17lbs muscle in 14 months like he did!

Luis writes:

“Dear Scooby

I have visited your website for about a year now and after watching every video and learning all the facts about food and how tell the differences in between good and bad, and learning all your workouts i am proud to say that you are my idol, i have become erudite after this past year of reading your website.

                                                                            Sincerely, Luis

P.S Thank you so much for your source of knowledge!