This is Joe from Georgetown and he has an inspiration success story, its not just the amazing before and after pictures here but what he was up against. I always tell people when they are injured to “do what you can” and not give up and Joe really took this to heart! He had a back problems so bad that his doctor said he would never lift again – well its quite apparent from Joe’s after photo that the doctor underestimated Joe!!!! Way to go Joe!!

Joe writes:

“Well, I would have to say that in my entire journey as an apprentice bodybuilder to yourself Scooby, I have come to be much more confident in every aspect of my life. I have loved every minute of the burn and would never take back any pain i have conquered or the sweat i have drained from my body. I’m not sure if you remember me Scooby, i had back problems due to slipping on the ice several times, and your motivational quotes from your forums and your specific quote that has always stayed with me ‘having some doors shut sharpens your focus in others’ really kept me going. Well i would have to say after my doctor and my family decided to drill it into my brain I would never lift again, I felt differently. I studied every inch of your website, and decided to do things for real this time. I started seriously watching my caloric intake, my fat intake per meal.. I set up one of those nutrition calculators you had set up (bad ass btw!) and started really buckling down on my nutrition. I am happy to say that almost a year since my injury to my lower back, I am 160lbs of all Scoobys Workshop home bodybuilding muscle. I have incorporated going to the gym into my weekly workout which is Monday-Saturday rest Sunday, Mon-chest/cardio, Tues-lats/cardio, Wed-legs/cardio, Thurs-core/cardio, Fri-shoulders/traps/cardio, Sat-arms(s61xl workout) ususally a 13min back and forth skullcrushers & curls. I really just wanted to say thanks for doing such an amazing job making everything so easy to understand and comprehend, especially about your STRICT form. Thank you scooby.”