This is JJ and I have known him online for quite a while and he has made some incredible progress and gained 15 pounds of muscle. Eating disorders can strike anyone at anytime, JJ was lucky his Mom was there to help put him back on track. Getting 6-pack abs may not be the best goal for everyone and its definitely a bad idea for anyone who might have an eating disorder. JJ has made a great comeback! Congratulations JJ! Keep packing on that muscle!

JJ writes:

Hello scooby im JJ and this is my success story . it all started back when i was in 8th grade .. i was allways the chubby little kid that got picked on and made fun of and i hated my self evry time i looked in the mirror i hated what i saw i was looking at some 5’1 158 pound groos kid .. i knew i had to do something to change the way i looked so i joined my local football league . And when the season beagan we were doinging some pretty intense practices 2 hours a night 5 days a week . and of course i statred dropping weight like crazy and before i knew it people were saying how good i looked and telling me JJ you look amazing keep it up budd ! so i loved hereing it so i stuck with it i wanted to lose more . by the time football was over i was 128 pounds . But this wasnt good enough for me i wanted to losse more so what did i do i started cutting out stuff i liked to eat. then shortly after i started cutting out meals . by the time spring came around i was 113lbs and i dont no what was wrong with me it felt weird like i still had to losse more so . i started going on long 3 hour bike rides and doing serious cardio and weighing my self constantly it was a problem. My mom was verry worried about me so she brought me to the hospital . thats when i discoverd i had an eating disorder . my mom was really upset but for some reason i couldnt do anything about it i hated eating i hated it every single meal she cooked was a huge battle . And nothing was working to get me better . by the time summer had rolled around i was at the lowest weight i had ever been but it wasnt good enough for me i had to loose more so i started biking 5 hours a day and eating barely 400 calories a day . Untill one day when i went on one of my long rides something terrible happend i passed out and was rushed to the emergency room it was verry scarry ! the doctors did all these physical tests on me . when the doctor checked my heart rate it was only 31 beats per min he said any lower and i could go into cardiac aresst … when the doctor took my weight the scale read ! 101 pounds … i looked over at my mom she was devistated and i hated what i was doing to the people i loved . the doctor looked at me and said you need to do something so when i got out of the hospital i started serching on ways to get better and i found scooby1961 workout videos ! i loved these videos and i started following them and i statred to see terrific results! after 1 1/2 years i got up to 115 pounds .. and i feel great i just wabted to thank you so much scooby u inspired me ! sincerly : J.J.”