This is James from New York and look what a difference a year of hard weight training and twenty more pounds of muscle make! Congratulations James! The reason I love James story so much is that it shows what you can accomplish when you are resourceful. James wanted to workout but couldn’t get to a gym so rather than just admit defeat, he found another way to workout – at home! Many teens don’t have the money, transportation or time to attend a gym but everyone can workout at home and its free!

Once again I wanted to point out that James gain of 20lbs muscle in a year is way above what the average person can expect to gain – a “perfect storm” so to speak. First James was working out hard and watching his nutrition carefully, obviously a big factor in his mass gain. Second, James could have been experiencing a normal growth spurt which would have occurred had he been weightlifting or not. Third possible factor in his perfect storm could have been the “beginner effect” where someone new to weight training responds very quickly at first but these rapid gains are not maintained year after year.

James writes:

Scooby is the one who got me into training. In August 2009, I did not have my license so I could not drive to the gym(20 minutes by car). So I discovered his workout’s that you can do at your home. I started his beginner program and did that for 5 months. Then moved up to his intermediate workout routine, and just recently, started his advanced workout program. I have been following his videos and some of his tips for 10 months. I actually started working out in 2008 but I got no where because of my diet and I did not know how to do most exercises(All I did was bicep curls, and i did them everyday!). I learned the importance of protein intake and calorie intake through Scoobys videos. And learned how to do many exercises with proper form. Thanks for getting me started scooby. I can’t wait to see what I look like next year!