This is Kyle from Lansing Michigan and I know him from my facebook fan page. What an amazing transformation Kyle made! He lost fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle in two years thru hard work and good nutrition. Please remember that although these kinds of spectacular gains can happen in beginners for the first year or two, the gains taper off with time.


Kyle writes:


“Hello Scooby. My name is Hussien (My friends call me Kyle) I live in Lansing, Michigan. The first picture was taken in summer 2009. July I think. Back then I weighed 137 pounds. The second picture was taken today April 8 2011. I weigh about 157 pounds.¬†First I wanna thank you for everything. You’re a true inspiration. I first started working out when I was 17 – 18. Just by doing push ups and sit ups. Then I found out about your website and started using the info there. It helped me a lot. I gained about 20 pounds of muscle and lost my belly fat. I’m in a great shape now . Thanks to you of course.”