This is George from Romania and he added 12 pounds muscle in 18 months and got more ripped at the same time. Excellent, way to go George! Notice how much his “V” taper improved.

George writes:

“Hello, my name is George and I’m from Romania. I first started working out at the age of 18 to gain some weight and muscle without wasting money on useless products. I started working out but I was making very little progress. I was just lifting weights without watching my nutrition and was wondering what I was doing wrong. Then I came across ScoobysWorkshop and watched all the videos and read everything about gaining muscle. Bodybuilding had help me feel better about myself and I’m thankful because it helped change my lifestyle. During my training my strength increased as well as my muscle mass. When I first started lifting weights I was doing a chest press with 40 kg 10 reps and now I can go as far as 60 kg 10 reps and 65 kg 8 reps. The hardest part was when I wasn’t in the mood to exercise, happens to almost everyone. I managed to overcome this by listening to music.

Thank you Scooby for sharing your knowledge with the world !”