This is Dylan from Moore, Oklahoma and he illustrates how much more massive you look when you are ripped! He added a whopping 16lbs in 8 months while getting even leaner. Just a note, this kind of rapid, natural mass gain only happens in teens, not mature adults. In men over age 21, adding 5lbs of muscle in a year is more typical even when you work out hard 5 days a week and have good nutrition.

Dylan writes:

“Hello Scooby !!  First I was just like to say a great big thanks!!  You have helped and inspired me to go after the body I always wished I had. I was never a really buff guy, always skinny, but thanks to you I managed to go from 128 pounds to 144 pounds in a period of 8 months.

I owe you so much man.. Thanks, your my idol.! “