This is David from Shelton/WA and he gained 15 pounds of muscle in three years! David made an amazing transformation from a very tall (6’3″) and lanky teen to a fitness-model physique! Many tall and lanky teens give up and blame genetics but David has shown us what you can do with persistence and hard work. He may have not added muscle as fast as his school buddies but look what he achieved with hard work! Congratulations David!!!

David writes:

“I used to think that I would be no good at anything, the picture on the left was taken when i was about 12lbs from being anorexic. After consulting a doctor i was pulled into the fitness world and started lifting weights. However, being 6ft 4in tall, I really was not good at it and became very turned off from weight lifting. After reading through Scoobys site about 3yrs ago and hearing from someone who has results that DIDNT occur in 3 months i took to the weights again and looking back now ive made a lot of progress. Thanks Scooby.

It helps to have gone onto a 3 inch growth spurt and to have 3 little sisters who cook healthy for you! Thanks to your website and videos I made the varsity rugby team at my college! Thanks a ton Scoob!”