This is Danny from Austria. Many teens label themselves as “hard gainers” and immediately give up or resort to unhealthy shortcuts to gain muscle, not Danny. Danny has perservered with a year of hard work and strict nutrition and is a great role model. He was a lanky, skinny teen and thru hard work has transformed himself – you can too! Normally I will not put someone on these success story pages unless all their photos show their face but in the case of Danny I have made an exception because I have seen his progress month by month thru his postings on the Ask Scooby forum and am 100% the images and weights are honest.

Danny writes:

“Hey Scooby!

First off: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a success story on your website.
I was quite the underweight computer addict until I found your website. Since then (Summer 2008) I started learning more and more about fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding. I started the beginner’s plan in October 2008 and didn’t switch to the intermediate routine until spring 2009.
My fitness goal is to put on weight (no fat, only muscle) and keep my 6-pack (might be an 8-pack I can’t really tell, haha)!
As I live in a small town I can’t go to the gym, which is why I’m able to save a lot of money, which I can spend on other things.
I have some advice for all the skinny guys out there: Don’t get discouraged just because you’re not able to bulk up as fast as others. Keep working out hard and the results will show, I can guarantee you that! Just don’t quit and do what we skinny people are good at: achieving and maintaining a 6-pack or even 8-pack!

Thanks again and for everyone who’s reading this: Join the askscooby.com forums! Great community there!”