This is Daniel from Sydney Australia. Daniel is a great example of what you can do when you make fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding part of your everyday life. Adding 5kg (10lbs) of muscle per year doesnt sound like a lot but look what it can do when you keep at it year after year! You cant achieve results like this in a few months, it took Daniel three years of hard work and rigid nutritional dicipline. You may not see any visible results from month to month but keep at it! Just take it one day at a time and enjoy how each workout makes you feel and one day you will wake up looking like Daniel! What Daniel has achieved is possible for virtually every teen with sufficient nutritional dicipline and dedication to working out. Be forwarned though, Daniel has really good genetics. If you are a hard gainer it might take you 5 years to accomplish this transformation even though he was able to do it in 3 years.

Daniel writes:

“Hi mate my name is Daniel and im from Sydney, Australia. I came across your videos on youtube about a 18 months ago and have been using your website and advice ever since. I started lifting light weights in July 06 as i wanted to join my local football team, but due to my skinny build i was rejected. So through research of exercises and nutrition I made a goal to change my diet and maintain a strict weightlifting and fitness routine. I have never been to a ‘proper gym’ or even used a machine, instead I use my uncle’s 20 year old weight set to train with. Over the last 3 years i have gradually increased the weight i use in my 3 day routine and recently i bought myself a bench press. I am inspired by your videos as all the exercies you do are from home and prove that hard work and persistance really do pay off with great results. Being consistantly asked by friends and even strangers ‘how i do it?’, i immediately refer to them your website, as i honestly can say it is the most useful primary source of weightlifting information i have ever come across.
Thanks for your help buddy, its changed my life! “