This is Blake from NSW Australia and he gained a whopping 20 pounds of muscle in 14 months without gaining any fat! He went from lanky, skinny teen to cover model – wow, congratulations Blake! I know I sound like a broken record here but not everyone can gain 20 pounds in a year, its highly unusual. Blake had the great combination of hard workouts, good nutrition and a teenage growth spurt to give him those incredible gains. Blake, don’t be expecting 20 pounds next year :)

Blake writes:

“I started lifting weights at the end of 2009. I didnt like the way my body looked. i had skinny arms with a bit of a puffy gut and boobs. Whilst looking on youtube for videos on how to get abs, i stumbled across one of Scooby’s videos. i decided to look at his website and found so much helpful useful information!! after looking at more videos, i decided that i was going to start lifting weights. i never looked back, weight lifting and excersise has given me so much more energy and confidence, and i look so much better then what i did. Thanks Scooby!!”