This is Basel from Toronto and look at the muscle he packed on, 12 pounds in one year! He nearly added 10% to his muscle mass in one year! You can really see the mass here in his chest, shoulders and arms – congratulations Basel!!!

Basel writes:

“I was always an active kid all my life. I found myself to be naturally strong for my size but I didn’t look big. I started to workout about 3-5 times a week. After 4 months of solid nutrition and training, I ended up having a serious case of the stomach flu which starved my body for the next 3 weeks. I lost everything I gained. I felt so hopeless and lost all motivation to continue working out. Three months later I felt like I needed to do something about it. I was spending about 10 hours a week just researching about nutrition and anything that had to do with muscle gain. I stumbled along Scooby’s YouTube and that’s where everything began. Everything I needed was on the site. Using the many things I learned from Scooby I managed to put on about 12 pounds of lean muscle on my body in one year. It was tough but it was beyond my goal. My strength change was dramatic. Weighing at 152 I can max bench 6 reps at 315, I’m able to curl sets of 45s, also do sets of wide grip chin ups easily. The real secret to working out is push your limits every single time. You know how you look bigger after your workout? Eventually you’ll stay looking like that all the time. Without Scooby’s Nutrition tips I probably wouldn’t be at where I am right now. Thanks Scooby I truly learned a lot.”