Michal gains 17lbs of lean muscle

Michal gains 17lbs of lean muscle


Dear Scooby,

Please find attached my before and after photos.

I am 26 year old guy born in Katowice, Poland.

My name is Michał (Michael) and my weight is 64 kg. Before I started my weight was 56 kg.

Let me start over.

I’m Michal, 26 years old. I’ve been lifting weights for 2 and a half years now and so far have gained 8 kg. Before I started back in September 2010 I had been really thin or even thiner. But since I decided to gain muscle I’ve been focused on my goal – to have a great physique, to be healthy. Initially I wanted to gain some weight – (it didn’t matter wheter with muscle or fat) I didn’t have a clue I could look like guys from fitness magazines – I always considered myself as person condemned to be slim. Everything changed when I realised that the only way for me to avoid the curse of being slim to the end of my days is to start lifting weights. And so I started. I browsed your videos, looked in your channel and everything related – found out loads of key info. Thanks to you, Scooby, I’ve been able to understand the fundamental rules in bodybuilding which are very often provided in way that many greenhorns in bodybuilding plainly don’t understand. Key workouts and diet tips have been more than helpful. I have changed and I see it. My lifestyle has changed – I am concerned with how much I sleep, what I eat (and what I do not eat) how I train etc. I was training in home – all chest exercises were done on Marshall amplifire used as a bench:). Didn’t use barbell only dumbells. For one month I’ve been going to a gym to do legs and chest. As you can see on the photos provided my arms and legs are still a bit slim but I’m working on that and looking forward to have big arms and quads and calves. I am happy to take part in this very contest although I don’t like competitions where judges’ preferences are involved.Yours




Hey Michal, congratulations on your muscle gain and your new lifestyle!