Kinobody Octane Discount

Kinobody Octane Discount

If you have found that Kinobody Octane works for you then I can guarantee you that this discount version at 1/10 the price will work just as well, perhaps even better!

Active ingredients of Octane

Here is the list of ingredients, here it is:


Most of the ingredients are just filler, the only important ingredients are caffeine and L-citrulline which are inexpensive and readily available on Amazon. Upon digestion, L-citrulline turns into L-arginine and nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been around in the bodybuilding world since the 90s with products like No-Xplode. Nitric oxide increases circulation which is why people feel a better pump when using it. There is no current research which proves that Nitric Oxide makes you stronger or helps you add muscle mass but many believe that it does. Thats why I say at the beginning, if Octane works for you then here is how you can make your own with the highest quality ingredients for 1/10th the price.  Caffeine is a cheap and readily available stimulant to increase energy and drive.

DIY Octane

Bulk supplements l-citrulline is available thru Amazon for $34 for a 1kg sack (2.2lbs) is a 166 day supply with the recommended 6g/day dose and that seems to be the best deal currently.  You might also check this link for cheaper L-citrulline options.

Caffeine tablets are really cheap with many different dosages available. The best deal I have currently found is 250 tablets of 200mg for $15.

By only buying the active ingredients and buying it wholesale, you can literally get this product for 1/10 the cost.

Cost Comparison for a 330 day supply

First lets just buy the l-citrulline from Amazon.  A 1kg bag which has 166, 6000mg servings costs $34.  For 330 days you need two bags for a total of $68.

Most people get their caffeine from coffee they are drinking anyway but if you need to add that to your stack, get 250 tablets of 200mg for $15, so 500 tablets for $30

The total cost for your 330 days supply of discount Octane supplement is $98 .

Now lets compare that to what a 330 day supply of Octane costs. A jar of Octane has 21 servings of 6000mg and costs $39.  For a 330 day supply, you need 16 jars which costs $624.

$624 or $68? You are getting this discount product for about 1/10 the price!