Johan gains 45 pounds of muscle in 3 years!

Johan gains 45 pounds of muscle in 3 years!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hi Scooby! :)

I’m not great at English, but I will try my best.

My first name is Johan

I’m from the Faroe Islands! Living in the city which is called Tvøroyri.

I’m 194cm height.

My weight now is 87kg, my current weight was 67kg.

I have been working out with your program for almost 3 years now, when the “after” picture was taken.

I started to workout in Mars 2010, and the after pictures are taken today, Mars 2013! :)

In this place, there is nothing much to do, I was always bored, didn’t know what to do with myself actually.

I had low self estem, I was refusing to swim in public, or even with my classmates at younger age.

My physique was nothing to celebrate at then, I was very skinny because I got so tall in a few years.

I was washing around, because I had nothing to hold on to.

I have never got support from my home or family, but I was supported by friends, and I had some “gym friends” also.

The girls was never interested in me, I never had a girlfriend, or evena kiss from a girl. But it all changed one day….

The day had come, I was reading about success stories on your page, and that was the moment of change!

I started workout, the iron became my best friend, I got dedicated. Some people call me obsessed, but thats the word the lazy ones use about the dedicated I believe!

My metabolism is very high, its very difficul to gain weight, I’, eating like an animal so I’m doing progress.

Before I started my energy levels where very low, I had low decipline indeed, I found even the smallest things to difficul to do. But when I started it all changed.

When I began working out, my max on bench press was 35kg, now I’m benching 120kg. Deadlift was 110kg, now it is 200kg. Biceps was 12kg, now 40kg. Millitaire press was 30kg, now 85kg. Squat was 100kg, now 210. Triceps 35kg, now 65kg. And so on, but now I will try to do more strenght, some of my goals are 250kg deadlift, 150kg benchpress, 100kg millitaire, and 240kg squat and so on.

And I’m very thankfull today, the iron is still my best pleacure. I also earned popularity between girls, but I’m waiting for the right one.

But the most importing thing in this massage is the option to thank your for your great work your doing, for all of us! :)

So thank you very much Scooby, you done a great job to inspire and motivate us out here! :)



Congratulations on the muscle gain!  Phenomenal!  Hard work over time = big gains!  Patience pays :)