Jason gains 20lbs of muscle and conquers back pain

Jason gains 20lbs of muscle and conquers back pain

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hi Scoob!

– Jason
– 31 years old (and going on 25 thanks to you)
– Shediac, NB, Canada
– Pictures were taken May 18th 2012 and April 18th 2013
– before weight (155 lbs) after weight (174lbs)

Hey Scoob

I’m Jason, 31 years old and going on 25 thanks to you! I have always had a passion for sports and fitness, though unlike other guys, I always was terribly skinny despite what I ate. Started lifting weights when I was about 16 and gained a few of pounds. Though the nickname ”Skeletor” still followed me quite a bit, being 5’10” 120 pounds in grade 12 ha! ha! Obviously I was doing something wrong. Quite a few years passed and this war on gaining weight still haunted me, I did not look or feel healthy and also started dealing with anxiety. I wanted to better myself so I started reading about health and fitness and eventually decided to take a ”lifestyle and fitness management” course in college, which I loved! I did learn a lot but to be honest, I thought it was lots of ”Mumbo Jumbo” and that year, I stumbled upon your site. Despite the fondness I had for my course, I quickly realized that your site made more sense, it was simple and to the point. Back then, I read tons and watched your videos, but did not follow your programs, though I did love learning from you. In 2012 at age 30, I still struggled with my weight and anxiety and had chronic back pain, all of which were pretty much caused by having a ”desk” job that I hated. I am a positive and energetic person, but all that together weighed heavily on me. So I told myself it was time for a change….that is when I decided to start your program! It not only included working out but also getting my life organized, preparing meals, getting up at a decent time and prioritizing! I have to say I did suffer from a lot of ”DOMS”, still do, but after a month I felt more energized, stronger, felt more confident. Although my back pain and anxiety were getting better, it was not totally fixed. Incredible what one month can do. I also had the courage to get a new job and that helped me tons! Now almost a year later, I can say that I have NOT missed ONE workout, my anxiety and my back pain are totally gone. I have gained 20 pounds, and NO, not all muscles, some I am sure, but I have gained some much needed fat as well, which in my opinion, makes me look way more healthy. I feel way stronger. Some simple things like lifting a chair and sitting down made my back hurt before, but not anymore. I have always thought of myself as a person with a lot of will power and even though I had a few struggles along the way, missing workouts was not my problem. It was mostly a struggle with eating healthier foods more than ever and fighting the temptation of the junk food that family brought to my house. I also had to start very slow due to my back. It took me about 2 months before I even felt confident enough to start doing pull ups, and now I can easily do reps of 15 with 15 pounds attached, Oh and I’m one of your advanced workout student :) Hard work pays off! Slowly, but surely.

So this is my fight. It’s not always about losing weight. For me it’s about gaining…Weight, Strength, Confidence. Getting control over my life. Thanks Scoob, Couldn’t have done it without you!


 Jason, you are a true success story!  The title says it all :)  OK, it doesnt.  It took a lot of hard work and nutritional pain to make your transformation happen but you did it!