Healthy On The Inside, Great Physique On The Outside

Healthy On The Inside, Great Physique On The Outside

weight loss & muscle gain succes


Hey there Scooby I love your videos! Very educating! I’ve learnt a lot about form and nutrition from you! Please keep on doing videos!

My name is Peter and I’m from Bulgaria. I’m 25 years old. I currently live in Montreal, Canada. I started bodybuilding about an year ago (July 2011), the first picture is taken August 2011, the second in August 2012. I started at 75kg with about 16-17% BF. Now I’m 74kg at 6-7% BF.

I used to drink and smoke; eat whatever I wanted and not care about my health. Then I decided to change all this, so I started to eat “better”, quit smoking and lowered significantly the drinking. At the beginning of 2011 I started going to the gym, but quit after not very long… Then later I went back in and this time I started looking for some educational videos. That’s when I found your channel as well as TMW. I’ve been following you, them and POG ever since! I started benching 135 lbs for about 7-8 times. Last week I did 1 perfect rep with 225 lbs, tried for a second but my spotter helped me. Ever since your videos about strict nutrition, my nutrition has been very very strict. I never cheat, because I think it will slow down my progress. Here’s the photo!

Thank you for all your time you’ve spent for people who wants to get in shape!


Congratulations!  You are a great example of what happens when you take up a healthy lifestyle.  Not only ARE you healthy but as a special bonus, you physique LOOKS healthy too! :)  Congratulations.