Gaurav’s Health Transformation Success Story

Gaurav’s Health Transformation Success Story

weight loss & muscle gain succes

§ your first name : Gaurav

§ your age : 29

§ your city and country : Gurgaon, India

§ when the before and after pictures were taken : October 2011 – April 2013

§ your before and after weight : 89 Kg – 76 Kg

Hi Scooby,

I am 29 years old and am from India (Height : 5ft-8 inches). Back in 2004 I was in college and was in very good shape as I had always been an advocate and follower of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Back then I was regular in the gym. After college I started working and found it extremely difficult to maintain the same eating and exercising routine as I did in college. I gained a lot of weight and became obese. In 2010 I faced a few health issues. Some sleeping disorder and high blood pressure. I was depressed from the fact that I was so fat and unhealthy.

In 2011 I decided to take charge of my life and was searching the internet for guidance on weight loss when I came across your website and youtube page. In my country fitness and weight training is at a very rudimentary stage. There is little to zero awareness about basic nutrition and body science. I went through your website and the youtube videos, all of which has been of tremendous help.

In August 2011 I weight 89 kgs, was very unfit and would quickly gasp for air after a bit of walking. I started with brisk walking for 30 minutes and built it up to an hour of walk daily. Slowly incorporated dietary changes and added weight training in March 2012. Kept a track of my weight as we had a weighing scale in office and remained consistent. I lost most of my weight by June 2012 and because of the weight training looked and felt good. There after I kept progressing each month in terms of my cardio as well as weight training. I also do yoga – Pranayam (Deep breathing) which I feel helps reduce mental stress and improves the breathing capacity.

I also do all my workouts 100% at home or outdoors. I feel I can concentrate better if I workout alone. A lot of the things I do are derived from your website and videos. I train with weights 4 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

I had a fitness goal in 2012 of walking from my college (Hindu College) in north campus Delhi to my home in Gurgaon, Haryana (across 2 states) a distance of about 37 kilometers. I accomplished it in December 2012. I have a new fitness goal for 2013 to be able to run 0-100 in under 10 seconds….. and I can’t thank you enough for all this.

I have attached 3 before pictures taken on October and November 2011. I have also added 3 after pics taken on April 12 th 2013. I am still in my bulk but I eat very clean so still have a 6 pack.

Gaurav, I have to say that you now look 10 years younger and could go into modeling if you wanted!  Congratulations!