From Pear Shape To Athletic V-Taper

From Pear Shape To Athletic V-Taper

weight loss & muscle gain succes

My name: Christian

Age: 21

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Before weight: 103 kg

After weight: 67 kg


I was a fan of bulking thinking that I will gain muscle and then i will have to cut, I started training with bad form , lots of weight.. in other words a poor training thinking i will have an big bulking doing that, and all i was gaining was a lot of fat. I’ve been doing that for 2 years aproximatedly, that was on 2007 to 2010 at february.

Then one day I saw Scooby videos and i decided to make my strict nutrition, first some days i didn’t make any cheat meals because i wanted it fast, and fall then on binging eating a whole pizza and chips 1 litre of coke all in 1 meal! then feel bad bout that and started doing 2 cheat meals per week and then all was wokring great

I’ve been doing bycicle too for cardio and brisk walking 30 to 40 min per day, an then a car crashed me and I broke my left collarbone, but even then, i continue my very very strict nutrition program and continue losing weight, even doing only brisk walking after 2 weeks of the accident !

Today, I still having a bit problems with my shoulders and collarbone, but i work arround my injuries with light weight , its better than nothing!

Obviously i continue mi strict nutrition and i’m so happy with my body now , and i bet i will be it more after years :)

Thanks a lot for teach us all you know, if it wasnt for you, i would still being a fat bulking rat :)

If there is any problem with the actual photo tell me and i’l take a new one

I send you very big hug Scooby, thanks for your website and your videos ^^ hope you like the succes story “sorry if my english is bad, im Spanish xD ”


Christian, you are incredible.  You had every excuse to give up but yet you kept going – way to go!  You are a great example of what hard work and nutrition can do.  You went from a pear shaped physique to a great V-taper and sixpack abs.  Your english is much better than my spanish :)