From Marshmallow to Steel

From Marshmallow to Steel

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hello Scooby!

My name is Flint; I am currently senior in high school, just about to graduate in a couple months! I started your program about a year ago. However about a third of the way through I stopped working out as frequent because of college applications and my busy schedule of school and soccer. I play soccer at a top tier level, currently on a great team ranked top 10 in the nation. However I would never have been able to keep up my progress with the sport and with my team without your help. Only a year ago some kids on my team called me “marshmallow,” they meant no harm… but if that’s not a horrible nickname I don’t know what is. Anyways for my new years resolution I promised to take my fitness to a new level. You inspired me to start dieting smart, and while I am still a complete beginner on the subject, I have checked out numerous books from the local library and read online articles on nutrition in an effort to start understanding what I eat. This new, strict, nutrition, playing soccer six or seven days a week and lifting weights four days a week have allowed for self improvement I never thought I would be able to achieve. I am stronger, faster, better looking (at least that’s what the mirror keeps telling me), and much more confident. I plan on continuing to learn and improve my diet and strength training over summer and into college. And it’s all thanks to you! I will hopefully be playing soccer on a Division 1 team next year… maybe you can come out to a game :D

I may not win the grand prize this time, but you can bet that I’ll be back in a year or two when you have your next success story competition going for gold!

Thanks so much!


 Hey Flint, I dont think anybody will be calling you “marshmallow” any longer :)  Good luck with your soccer!!!