Frank Gets Ripped!

Frank Gets Ripped!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Name: Frank
Age: 21
City: Berkel en Rodenrijs
Country: The Netherlands

Before picture: 111kg on Oktober 18th, 2012
After picture: 98kg on April 19th, 2013
Hi, my name is Frank. I’m the kind of guy that’s always active and full of energy. Always looking for adrenaline.
Sports has always been my thing. It first started off with sports like football and basketball, but later on it became more and more extreme.
Until the day that I almost broke my neck with a failed double back flip attempt. I’ve been so lucky that I didn’t end up in a wheel chair
for the rest of my life. But instead, I’ve been lying in my bed for about 2 months to recover. As soon as I was able to actually go out and do
sports again I started off by playing basketball again. Don’t ask me why, but I wasn’t able to get the ball into the basket, simply because I lost
so much strength. I felt bad and noticed how I became weak both physically as mentally. So I decided to workout to gain back at least some of my strength.

Fitness always interested me, but nobody of my friends was into it, and I knew that both my parents wouldn’t support me with it.
But it was the best way in my opinion to shape up again. Even though I didn’t knew anybody that would support me,
or at least give me a clue of how I should start. I decided to figure it out, all by myself. So basically I started off from zero. No strength and no idea how to begin.

During my research I noticed how much commercials there were based on fitness. Promises that sounded to good to be true.
I wouldn’t be able to afford any of them. I’m just a student with a low budget, and all that I was looking for was a way to get in shape
without paying any fancy equipment. All the mystery’s and questions that I had were made clear when I found Scooby’s webpage.
It all sounded more logic, and it gave me a good vision of how I should begin and what I could expect.

As soon as I had my plan worked out I started right away. Training 5-6 days a week in a cheap local gym, (every muscle group on a different day)
and eating 8 well balanced meals over the day. All of these meals contained a good source of protein (fish, meat, eggs)
and some quality carbohydrates (oats, rise, bread).

The reason why I was so motivated was because I knew what I was doing. People in the gym noticed my enthusiasm and helped me during my journey.
I made friends and worked out together with them, which kept me pushing my limits. Also my parents noticed that I became a happier person.
So after all they did support me by helping me out getting my diet supply in check. Speaking of dieting. Even though my goal was to lose fat and
get back in shape, I don’t believe that I’ve ever felt more energetic than in the days during my workout progress. People always told me that it took a lot
of effort and hunger to manage to do it. But if you know how to approach it and see the fun of it, it’s really easy actually!

Thanks Scooby for the effort that you put in the fitness community!

Hey Frank, greetings to homeland!  You were obviously *very* muscular before you cut but boy, when you lowered your bodyfat it made a *huge* difference.  Even though you dropped weight, you look even bigger.  Congratulations!