Fitness Tools

Fitness Tools

The best fitness, workout and meal planning tools on the internet can be incorporated in your website for a fraction of what it would cost to develop them yourself.  If you already have a website, in a matter of days, I can customize these tools to meet your needs and incorporate them seamlessly into your website.  If you are a rising fitness star and want to start either a free website or a subscription based website incorporating these tools, I can do that too.  If you want to check out what I can do for you, browse this website and also checkout (my paid website) for an example of a subscription based website I could set up for you.

My fitness tools are the most popular on the internet.  Although it is primitive compared to my new tools, my original calorie calculator has had 10 million views.  My new has generated over 700,000 meal plans in the short 7 months since I released it.  Most exciting of all though is my new which is light years ahead of any other workout planner (in beta testing).  Here are some of the other tools available:

Pricing will depend on the amount of customization required, how advertising revenue (if any) is distributed,  and can either be on a per-plan generated basis or a flat monthly rate.

Contact me at the below email address or on my Facebook page.

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