Fitness Runs In The Family

Fitness Runs In The Family

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hello Scooby!
My first name is Peter, and I am 19 years old. I am from Liverpool in the United Kingdom, and my first picture was took at may 21st 2012, with my after picture being took at April 25th 2013. I have included a picture of my dad who has been an amazing motivator and also gym partner throughout all of my progress, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I could have without him.

As you can see, I started out extremely skinny, after going through what will possibly be the extreme rock bottom of my life. My mother had became extremely ill with lung cancer and sadly died. She was absolutely everything to me, and this sent me into an extreme breakdown of depression. The fact that I smoked and drinked regularly around this time did not help at all, and I had to pull out of college and stop seeing my friends because the depression got that bad. A couple of weeks later my dad, who I hadn’t spoke to in over 6 years, came round to make sure I was okay. Over the next few months we started developing a healthy relationship again, and decided to give weightlifting a go with a cheap set of a barbell and little amounts of weights. Whilst somewhat getting into lifting, I stumbled upon your channel to which I learnt a gold mine of information about how to practically get my life back on track! Thanks to you and your help I managed to quit both smoking and drinking, get myself back into education, and also manage living by myself independently, something I haven’t had to do before! I was thrown into the real world, and thankfully managed to become a man out of it. Fast forward to now and my little cheap barbell set has become an Olympic weight set with 200kg, a squat rack, and a pull up bar bolted to the wall!
This has been a mental, physical, and social progression for me Scooby, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my life.

Your special friend,

Pete, congratulations!  Stopping smoking,  stopping drinking, working out and feeling great!  You  are a true success story.  I didnt include the photo of your dad but he is in AWESOME shape.  Your story brings up an important point.  Parents, if you want your kids to be healthy and fit then YOU have to be healthy and fit.  Words are meaningless, leading by example speaks volumes.