Fitness Is A Lifestyle

Fitness Is A Lifestyle

weight loss & muscle gain succes


Wolverhampton, united kingdom

Before picture taken 15/01/2011

After picture taken 24/04/2013

Before weight: 142lbs after weight: 150lbs I gained roughly 15.7lbs of lean body mass in the 2 years 4 months

Height 5ft 8
Hi my name is Spencer and here is my story:

From a young age I always did my best to take part in all activities whether it was at school or at a club. I really enjoyed swimming and it became my favorite sport which I did for little over 5 years. It got me in great shape and got me to a high level of fitness of which at the time I didn’t really appreciate due to being young. For various reasons I had to stop swimming and couldn’t find time for it. As the years went by I slowly got out of shape and lost most of my fitness, it was only then I realised what my sport was doing for in terms of health and fitness. By the age of 15-16 I was really unhappy with the way I looked and felt inside! I thought the best possible way for me to get back in shape would be stuff like bodybuilding and weight training but I knew little about it. This is where I found Scooby and his website and I have never looked back J I began doing push ups, pull-ups and basic core and leg exercises to get me started off, alongside walking for 30 minutes every day. As the months went by I could see myself looking leaner more muscular and felt stronger. I then began lifting weights and applied various tools such as drop sets, going to failure, progressive overload, and generally challenging myself with harder workouts or variations. Not only was I feeling better and looking better but I was learning so much about how the body works, what role nutrition plays, and different workout splits. Above and beyond I have realised that I will never stop learning and applying new exercises or methods to my training regime. After about a year of weight training and various cardio activities I built a good base and decided to set new goals, so I went about my workouts in a completely different way. I decided to start gymnastics strength training! My training is now based around strait arm lever work by doing isometric holds in different static positions such as Planche, Front lever, back lever and iron cross on the rings. I now currently only do 3 exercises for my upper body, that is planche in order to work the shoulders, lower back, chest and biceps. Front lever in order to work the back triceps and core. I do L-sit to destroy the core. I also do slightly different variations of these exercises in order to get the most out of them. For legs I did 6 months of pistol squats and worked my way up until I could do them weighted. Now I just ride my BMX, I find it is sufficient enough to work my legs and get great cardio. Now exercise has become everything to me, it has become my way of switching the world off and it keeps me happy but most importantly it has become a way of life which I recommend for everyone! Thank you so much Scooby I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for you inspiring me!

Spencer, you rock!  You are a shining example of how fitness is a lifestyle, not a checkbox. Congratulations!  May you have many happy decades of active lifestyle ahead!