Eat Whatever You Want And Lose Weight!

Eat Whatever You Want And Lose Weight!

The W-Diet is my revolutionary new nutritional plan that really works. I will explain later why this program works so well but first let me explain to you how it works. The “W” in the W-Diet stands for “Whatever”. You get to eat whatever you want, sound like a dream come true? Hold on, of course there is a catch.

You can eat whatever you want as long as you weigh it, measure it, calculate the calories, and add them to your daily total BEFORE you eat it. You need to use a smart phone application like LoseIt. Before you can drink that cup of coffee in the morning you have to get out a teaspoon and measure the sugar, measure the cream, calculate their calories and log it before your first sip. Its not sufficient to estimate it as “about two teaspoons of cream”, you must measure the cream before dumping it into your coffee. Before you can have that supersize whopper meal, you have to log it. These apps have meals from all the major restaurants in them so its not that tough to log meals. Many people ask:

“So what if I don’t have cell coverage? Can I write what I ate on a napkin and log it tonight?”

Nope, NTP (Not The Program). The deal was, you can eat whatever you want as long as you weigh it, measure it, log its, and add its calories to your daily running total before it crosses your lips. In the above mentioned case you have two options:

  1. You can pack your meals in the morning and weigh/measure/log them before leaving the house, or  …
  2. You can go hungry.

The choice is yours. I know this is tough but you must stick by this rule every second of the day if this diet is to be effective. I am not without compassion though, I give you 6 exceptions to the “log before eating rule”. Not only that, these are freebies and you can eat as much of these as you want without having to count the calories at all:

  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • celery
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • cucumbers

It goes without saying that no condiments of any type are allowed, you have to eat the above freebies fresh without any dressings, dips, sauces, ketchups or mustards. If you just want to munch and don’t want to bother getting out the measuring cup and looking stuff up – thats what you have to eat.  The second thing, you need need to use my calorie calculator and enter a 20% caloric deficit and see how many calories my calculator wants you to eat – now write that number down on a card and tape it on the refrigerator. That is the optimal number of calories a day for you to lose fat. Eating fewer calories than that is bad for fat loss and eating more calories than that is bad for fat loss – that is the optimal number. You can eat as many calories as you want, I am not telling you to restrict yourself in any way. All I require is that you are always aware of where your current daily calorie total is in relation to that number.

Why the “W Diet” works so well

We often eat out of habit rather than because we are hungry and we often don’t realize how many calories are in what we are consuming. The W-Diet fixes both of these problems. Its a real pain in the butt to weigh that big slab of lasagna, then you look it up and see that it has 1000 calories which is almost 1/3 of your daily calories. Sheesh! By the time you have calculated the calories you realize that you really aren’t hungry but that you are just trying to avoid dealing with those really unpleasant emails you know are in your inbox. The W-Diet works because it makes you think if you are really hungry and it educates you about every bite of food you are debating taking. Education is the best weapon in weight loss! The other reason it works is that we are all a bit lazy. Its a lot of work to weigh, measure, and log. Its much easier to take the free option which is to eat the carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower or cucumbers. Not only are those vegetable snacks very healthy but nibbling on them will decrease your appetite for calorie dense foods.

The “W” Diet!

There are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight. Long term weight loss comes thru permanently changing your eating habits. Exercise is awesome but it alone will never do the trick because you can always out-eat your exercise. After a few days of this program, many people are shocked how many calories they are consuming and where the calories are really coming from. Education is the key to lasting weight loss! Some who eat “almost nothing” find out that all those sauces and spreads they have been putting on their food add close to a thousand calories a day. Hidden calories are the enemy of many and this program exposes them – beverages are a common offender. Thats it, take those before pictures, get on my W-Diet, and lose those pounds!
The W Diet