David Packs On Muscle Mass

David Packs On Muscle Mass

weight loss & muscle gain succes



Age 16

Mustang, Oklahoma, USA

April 18th 2011- April 18th 2012

Before: 160 After: 172

Hello, my name is David! I am a varsity member of my high school wrestling team. I have always been involved in athletics, but I was kind of chubby. I truly became excited about weight lifting in 7th grade after I joined the wrestling team and my dad had been diagnosed with diabetes and lost a lot of weight and really looked great, and I wanted people to say the same things to me as they did to him. I saw results very quickly, thanks to my “farm boy” genetics, however, I had a hard time losing fat to get my six pack to show. I lost weight after I tightened up my diet some, but I wanted more. By the end of my freshman year, I got serious about wanting to put on quality muscle mass for wrestling and just looking good! As you know, there are many advertisements online about “Gainng 50 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks!”, and although I read the articles and watched the videos to all of them, they all had the same thing in common, buying their supplement, or workout guide. As a teenager, I need something that is free, and when my uncle introduced me to your website and Youtube videos, I realized that your site had all that I need! I followed your diet tips and “teen workout” for a year. I gained SO much strength and size in my whole body! I always make the time neccesary to get my workouts in. Your videos about food opened my eyes to quinoa; and using beans and lentils for protein. I gained about 12 pounds, presumably all muscle since I didn’t grow any taller! While the road there wasn’t easy, it has been more than worth it! Thanks to you and your website I have achieved a quality physique, and enormous strength, and sent me on a life-long journey of fitness!


David, your hard work has paid off.  You have a better physique than I did after 10 years of lifting :)  Keep it up!