Christoffer Packs On 10 Pounds Muscle

Christoffer Packs On 10 Pounds Muscle

weight loss & muscle gain succes

age 24


Before pic 26/06/2011 after pic 25/04/2013

before weight 72 kg after weight 77 kg

Hi Scooby.. I started working out about two years ago, but like many others, I had no clue what I was doing, then I came across Scooby1961 on youtube, after that I spent a lot of time, watching your videos and reading your website, and I could never have asked for a better start in fitness and I can’t thank you enough for that Scooby. My left shoulder makes easy a clicking noise but side raises and good form helps. I’m following your intermediate workout plan, and the feeling of being sore the next days just feel good. Once again, thank you Scooby for sharing your knowledge

Congratulations on the 5kg of muscle gain!  Its all about keeping your joints healthy.  To gain muscle you need to be able to lift consistently for years and keeping your shoulders safe with good form insures you will be able to continue to add muscle year after year :)