Brodin’s Body Transformation Success Story

Brodin’s Body Transformation Success Story

weight loss muscle gain success story

My name is Brodin

I am 23

I am from Tourond, MB, Canada

Before: August 19, 2012. Weight: 195. BF%: unknown.
After: April 29, 2013. Weight: 180. BF%: 14

I have worked out my whole life but never taken the time to organize my diet in such a way as to get any significant body composition results. I started out with losing weight after taking the before picture having not discovered Scooby. About a month later I spent hours going through Scooby’s site and YouTube videos and changed my diet and training up accordingly. I also got a few appointments with a personal trainer, but overall found Scooby’s training advice and resources much more useful and considerate of my recovery rate. After couple months of weight loss on following Scooby’s advice, I bought Body Building Revealed and began a “bulk” of sorts. I began to track my BF% and strength gains. My strength increased roughly 2-5% per week on upper body and more than that on legs. Compared to my peers, my nutrition is spot on; largely due to Scooby’s bullshit free explanations that everything counts! I have been on a fat loss program almost exclusively using the Scooby methods. I plan to stay on it for another 2 months or so. Scooby has contributed to really changing my life; I look better, feel healthier and am much stronger. Almost all due to nutrition. My friends all ask me for advice regarding their fitness goals having seen what I have accomplished in less than a year and I always give them the link to to start them off :)

Hey Brodin, congratulations! Its all about having goals and making steady progress toward them and that is exactly what you have done. 2% strength gain per week is awesome! Keep it up!