Anel Gets Shredded

Anel Gets Shredded

weight loss & muscle gain succes
First name: Anel
Age: 26
City and country: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Before picture: July 10th, 2012
After Picture: April 25th, 2013
Before weight: 78kg (cca.13% bodyfat not sure exactly as in after weight)
After weight: 71.5kg (5.5% bodyfat)

Dear Scooby,

look at me and tell me what you see? A nice body, a healthy young man, a success story?……I don’t!

I see people train to get attention, girls, compliments, so they want the body they see in magazines…..I don’t! That doesn’t matter.

I believe you should train because you like it, you want to challenge yourself, conquer your fears, to change. But it’s funny, everyone wants to change, but nobody wants to grow. Until you see that it’s not about who you are, but about who you want to be, and what are you willing to do to become that person, you will never change. Rock solid body, health, attention, compliments, SUCCESS…..that’s just a bonus.

I love this. I train every day, count every calorie, read the books you recommended, studied stuff inside bodybuilding, studied hard at school but more importantly the life in general ….and the result. I was blind but now I see! You helped me help myself.

So I say thank you! Thank you so much for doing what you do, for putting so much effort and so much of your time into this.

I prepared for your competition in hope I would win so I could meet my mentor. But if I don’t, I really hope you do this for long time to come and know that there are people who love you and your work, even you not knowing them.

So with warmest regards,

your student, Anel

 Wow Anel!  You are competition ready!