Alexis’ Muscle Gain Success Story

Alexis’ Muscle Gain Success Story

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Dear Mr. Scooby.

My name is Alexis. I just turned 18 years old.
I live in Japan.

My before photo was taken in 2011 january.59kg.
After in 2012 October. 69kg

I started training simply to have something to do after school, and wanting to get bigger. I was very skinny and week.  I go to boarding school,so I have had alot of time to work out. I have been working out atleast 4 times a week. But now due to exams I only workout twice. But I still keep up with the nutrition. It is important to do what ever you can with your limited time.  When I first started I did the usual thing of just doing isolation exercises. But after I started learning more coming across your page ,and started to do compound exercises, my body started changing. The gains that I get have kept me motivated since then, but now its just a daily routine. It has helped me mentally and physically since I started working out. Nutrition has been the hard part, being in boarding school my locker is always full of canned chicken, microwavable brownrice, and supplements. When I first started working out I was so focused on my abbs that I believe I did not eat enough. That is one mistake I made with nutrition when I started out It is the consistansy that has made my progress so far. I believe that body building keeps you in a positive mind of state and helps you through life in any aspect. I will keep working out as a daily routine my whole life.  I am so glad that I got into this sport, and thank you so much Scooby for all the help.

Alexis, your hard work is very apparent – 22 pounds of muscle in one year!  Congratulations!  For those of you reading this, please remember that 22 pounds in a year is a lot and it takes a puberty growth spurt, lots of hard lifting, and good nutrition to do what Alexis has done.