Battling insurance for TRT


When it comes to TRT, you have to be a smart consumer. Don’t assume your doctor or your insurance company will look out for you because I have learned that the system is tragically dysfunctional. How bad is it?  Let me tell you.  After 5 weeks of battling my insurance company with 2-3 calls a week to both them and my doctor I finally got TRT gel covered but only for a 7 day prescription costing $388/mo – nearly as much as my health insurance premium!!!

Then I changed doctors to one who helped me navigate the system.  The solution? Avoid insurance entirely to save money!   My new doctor found me a different gel that lowered my cost to $78/mo by just paying cash out of pocket.  What I have learned is that even if your insurance covers medication, do NOT use it.  Simply pay cash for it and find your best price on

I had a lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of injectable vs gel for TRT and we came to the following solution for me.  I am retired and travel a lot, often to Asia for 2-3 weeks.  When traveling internationally, taking needles, syringes, and testosterone is just asking for long interrogations – not interested.  When at home though, the cost savings of the injectable cannot be overlooked so I will use it when I can.  The solution:

  • For international travel I will take gels. My dose is 4 pumps/day of 1.62% (82mg of testosterone)
  • When at home, I will use the much cheaper testosterone cyp 200mg/ml , 0.5ml once a week (100mg of testosterone)

I have a great fear of needles and have a habit of passing out when getting blood drawn but I WILL learn to do these injections.  I pick up my test cyp tomorrow at the pharmacy and next week, the doctor will show me how to “pin” myself :)  I am terrified but to save $388/mo- $78/mo I WILL over come my fear of needles.

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